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Brown nosing blood type style for fun

Saw Happy Together recently and they mentioned brown noser blood type style for fun. Here it is below:

A – Those who are blood type A know when people are brown nosing and disapprove of such behavior. Those who are blood type A are not very good at brown nosing. They are very timid and secretly put gifts on the person’s desk.

B – They’re easily swayed by lip service and make good targets for brown nosers. They’re very prideful and straightforward. So they accept the compliment and am easily pleased.

O – They’re not as easy as blood type B, but they are swayed by lip service. But you have to do it after you get close to them first. And they are the best brown nosers. In other words, they can suck up to anyone.

AB – Those who are blood type AB are cold and unbiased. They hate brown nosers. Even if you’re in a situation where you have to brown nose, they might curse out.